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Kelexo Presale Draws DOGE & MATIC Millionaires: Early Buys Set Stage 2 on Fire


When solid projects enter the market, the best investors take early positions to make significant gains from these projects. With the success of stage one of its presale, the new lending platform is showing investors that it means business.

Kelexo (KLXO) is making a name for itself in its early stages. Besides, it is also establishing itself as a major player in the lending industry. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Polygon (MATIC) investors are taking notes and have set their sights on the second stage of its presale as they plan to buy in large numbers.

Dogecoin communities prepare for the day

Among cryptocurrencies expected to spike in price as the Bitcoin halving event approaches is Dogecoin. The most popular meme coin again leads the pack and is set for a significant uptick this month. Many enthusiasts believe that Dogecoin Day draws near. April 20th is the unofficial holiday known as Dogecoin Day. The members of the DOGE community come together on this day to promote and celebrate their favorite cryptocurrency.

This day has been associated with increased adoption of Dogecoin and a subsequent rise in its price. As excitement sweeps across the meme coin community in anticipation of this day, many experts believe an endorsement from Tech mogul Elon Musk could cause Dogecoin to skyrocket before the end of the month.

Polygon whales are moving again

Polygon is one of the dominant layer two networks built on Ethereum. It has been quite a successful project for early investors following its launch in 2017.

Whales seem to be getting involved in the market again, as recent market trends indicate whales are buying the dip. Polygon will likely see an increase in its price soon. However, with the market volatility, you can never be too sure.

While some Polygon investors await the predicted rise, others are making the smart move to projects with higher growth potential. Kelexo is certainly among them.

Kelexo: a revolutionary breakthrough in DeFi space

A new dawn is about to break in the crypto-lending space with the introduction of Kelexo into DeFi. This new platform presents a more inclusive lending program. That program does not rely heavily on credit scores or the bureaucracy associated with traditional methods of loan acquisition.

Imagine getting quick access to loans without having to submit a million and one documents; that is what Kelexo offers. There is no need for KYC documents and funds are released instantly. That’s not all. Users are not constrained to complicated repayment plans and they can choose the best option that suits them. With early repayments come extra rewards.

The second stage of KLXO presale is in full flow, with a token selling for $0.05. This excellent project is drawing the attention of DOGE and MATIC investors. Analysts also believe KLXO has the potential to be the next blue chip crypto.

Investors who get in early can shape the platform outlook in the coming years. By suggesting progressive changes and voting on new additions or alterations, these presale token holders can help Kelexo reach its goal of becoming the most prominent community-supported P2P lending protocol.

There is more on the Kelexo (KLXO) presale on its website, Click here.

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