Movable in real estate – 5 incredible optical illusions of motion from the Internet.


The brain sometimes gives out wishful thinking, especially if pictures with optical illusions appear in front of your eyes. By the way, artists of the end of the last century began to actively use this effect. As for the digital age, it only allowed contemporaries to diversify visual tricks.


1 Visual maze

2 Wall in a cafe

3 Stress test

4 Beating heart

5 Rotation of a star around its axis

Visual maze

Artist Peter Kogler from Vienna has been creating art for over 30 years. Especially noteworthy is his series of psychedelic installations at the ING Art Center in Brussels.

In it, Peter used color, light and projection, which allowed him to literally distort, “twist” simple galleries, as well as transit centers and lobbies.

Cafe wall

This illusion was first painted on the wall of one of the cafes in English Bristol. It looks like a chessboard sawn into pieces and reassembled in random order. The alternating light and dark squares are not lined up with figures in adjacent horizontal rows. That is why all the lines in the panel appear to be tilted at different angles. But in fact they are absolutely straight and parallel to each other, while distortion is an optical illusion. People primarily focus on the contrast between dark and light spaces. This contrast is subconsciously used to define other shapes before the viewers focus on all the elements of the image.

Stress test

“It turned out that the whole world is circling around you,” concluded pop singer Dmitry Monatik, puzzled by the question “How to live?”. However, he found a solution – to start dancing.

This psychedelic circular tunnel will surely contribute to this solution, spinning even the most stable person. If this three-dimensional model rotates faster and faster, and your health worsens from this, then you should pay special attention to your health.

Beating heart

And Pushkin wrote: “Oh, it’s not difficult to deceive me! .. I myself am glad to be deceived!” This deception would have amused him.

The eyes try to study every millimeter of a given image. But when they move, looking at the dark heart, it begins to pulsate and grow in size. This perception occurs due to the narrowed transition of the white lines into the dark area.

Rotation of a star around its axis

Another illusion was created by the artist Kaya Nao. The Japanese drew a “moving” star. As soon as you hold your eyes on it, it starts rotating clockwise. At the same time, it is extremely difficult to believe that the star is static.


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