Memecoins Have Accelerated The Pace Of Cryptocurrency Adoption. It Has Emerged As A More Feasible And Valuable Solution For Everyone. Thus, There Are Multiple Meme Coins Right Now In This Niche. So Far, We Have Seen Tokens Depicting Different Themes And Delivering Diverse Features. Now, On The Face Of It, They May Look Similar In Terms Of Functionality.

But Actually, They Come With Very Subtle Attributes That Make One Asset Entirely Different From The Other. However, When There Are So Many Participants In A Competition, Only One Can Be A Winner. Usually And Historically, This Crown Is Taken By A Trailblazing Solution. Bugs Bunny Is Exactly That Kind Of A Frontrunner.

What Is The Bugs Bunny Meme Coin?

Bugs Bunny Is Inspired By The Same Character Of The Looney Tunes Cartoon Show. The Mere Name Meme Will Give A Throwback To Every Millennial. Notably, No Other Meme Coin Introduced Anything With Any Hare Or Rabbit. So, This One Will Surely Be A Unique Experience For Every Meme Coin User. Furthermore, The Asset Comes With A Robust Roadmap That Will Take It To The Zenith Of The Industry.

So Let’s Quickly Go Through Its Highlights And See How It’s So Remarkable.

Here’s How You Become A Part Of It

Bugs Bunny Has Already Launched Its Presale At The Price Of $0.01 Per Token. Moreover, It Is Offering A Discount Of $0.0075 Per Token To Reward Early Investors. The Presale Will Be Conducted In Three Different Phases. It Will Give More Opportunities For Investors To Become A Part Of This Revolutionary Meme Coin. Needless To Mention, The Earlier The Investment, The Bigger The Advantages. So All The Meme Coin Lovers Need To Quickly Embark Upon This Journey. Also, If They Have Any Doubts, They Can Clear Them With The Bugs Bunny Team As Well.

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Ingenious Tokenomics Structure Makes A Big Difference

The Developers And Planners Of Bugs Bunny Have Deftly Devised The Tokenomics. They Have Allocated The Tokens In A Very Strategic And Prolific Manner. This Well-Planned Structure Gives Equal Benefits To The Team As Well As Investors. To Begin With, The Total Supply Of The BUGS Token Is 100,000,000. Out Of That, 60% Goes To The Investors In The Presale Event.

Investors Can Use USDT Or ETH To Buy The Tokens On The Official Website. The Team Has Allocated 10% Of The Supply For Marketing Purposes. From The Remaining 30% Lot, 10% Goes To Team Reserves And 20% Will Be Used For Liquidity. The Ratio Of Division Has Been Determined After A Thorough Study Of Crypto Markets. In Addition, The Team Has Also Reviewed The Significant Parameters Of Tokenomics.

Early Investors Will Certainly Have An Upper Hand

With A Price Of $0.01, This Secures Massive Profits For Every Investor. Nevertheless, The Ones Making An Early Move Will Definitely Get Better Benefits. The Bugs Meme Coin Will Be Listed On UniSwap First. After A Short While, It Will Get Listed On Central Exchanges As Well.  Once That Happens, The Token Will Be More Accessible To The Entire Crypto Community. All The Traders Of The Space Will Be Able To Get A Piece Of It.

Backed By A Fruitful & Dynamic Structure

By Choosing The Ethereum Blockchain For Tokens, The Team Has Ensured Safety And Efficacy. On Top Of That, It Has Also Streamlined The Use Of A Hard Cap. For Optimized Management Of Tokens, The Team Has Limited The Number Of Tokens In Circulation. All Of This Paves The Way For A Healthy And Long-Standing Price Development. The Team Has Also Ascertained The Flawless Execution Of The Smart Contracts. They Have Assigned The Job Of Auditing The Contracts To SolidProof, A Renowned Blockchain Security Firm.

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Bugs Bunny Is The Harbinger Of The Future Everyone’s Waiting For

With Nostalgic Notions And Top-Notch Functionality, Bugs Bunny Will Expand The Horizons Of Meme Coins. It Comes With A Scalable Structure That Makes This Form Of Digital Asset Much More Competent. Above All, It Brings So Many Prospects That Support The Growing Number Of Memecoin Holders. It Amps Up The Competition And Encourages Other Tokens To Do Better. While Doing So, This Crypto Asset Makes Meme Coins Much Better For Everyone.


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