Become Blockchain Experts With Online Blockchain Courses

Become Blockchain Experts With Online Blockchain Courses
  • Blockchain is a futuristic technology that holds huge potential for the future. That’s why learning blockchain is an investment. 
  • Here is a list of blockchain courses that teach blockchain from basic to advanced levels.

Want to learn about blockchain? Here are the top resources to learn blockchain from industry experts: These courses teach a user blockchain with practical application. Let’s explore the courses!  

1. Blockchain A-Z: Learn How To Build The First Blockchain 

As the name suggests, Blockchain A to Z Learning is a beginner blockchain course available on Udemy. The team behind the blockchain course is Kirill Eremenko and the SuperData Science team. People behind several data science and blockchain projects The course helps users understand the core concepts behind crypto transactions and smart contracts.

Courses mainly focus on theoretical concepts like cryptography fundamentals, the technology behind smart contracts, and similar concepts. Later, the course covers practical applications such as developing smart contracts or creating cryptocurrency. 

2. Blockchain: Principles And Practices 

Blockchian: Principles and Practices is another beginner course in which users learn everything from basic to advanced levels. The structure of the course is designed to make it easily understandable for people with a strong knowledge of the C# programming language. 

Courses cover basic concepts like understanding cryptography, adding transactions into blocks, and linking the blocks together to create the blocks. The description of the course says ‘delve beneath the covers of blockchain’ implying that students will see how the blockchain works. 

3. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional By 101 Blockchains

The course offered by 101 Blockchains, Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional, is designed for people who want to learn about blockchain with hands-on experience in blockchain. However, the course is structured in a way that first introduces the core concepts of blockchain and then shows how to approach blockchain implementation. 

Afterwards, the course teaches about tools and platforms. Once the course is finished, learners are going to be fully capable of operating blockchain tools and developing smart contracts. 

4. Blockchain Specialization: Coursera

This course comes from Coursera, a course that teaches advanced-level blockchain. The course is a mix of video, interactive content, and reading material. 

The  Blockchain Specialization Course covers topics like blockchain basics, creating a smart contract, and developing a decentralized application. The course curriculum is designed to start with basic concepts and then cover complex concepts. This is one of the best courses available on Coursera. 

5. Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide 

In this course, students will discover the complete guide to learning Solidity, a programming language used to code Ethereum. However, anyone with a strong understanding of Javascript and NPM can take advantage of this course. 

In brief, the course will start with the concepts of blockchain and Ethereum. Later, the concepts became complex and started teaching how to design and deploy decentralized applications. 


Several online courses teach the blockchain from basic to advanced levels. Some of these courses are designed by industry experts and people who have already handled blockchain projects. 



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