Is Bitcoin Mining Becoming Unprofitable? : The All-Time Low Price

Is Bitcoin Mining Becoming Unprofitable? : The All-Time Low Price

Currently, Bitcoin miners have reached rock bottom, with an increase in mining difficulty and a decrease in mining profit.

  • Will it lead to the collapse of mining businesses and firms?

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty and hash rate consistently reach new records. The hash price indicator, which measures how profitable Bitcoin miners are, is currently at an all-time low level. The study demonstrates that today’s Bitcoin network hash rate and block mining difficulty are actually at all-time highs. Is there still a place for miners to make a living wage in a network that requires so much power and cutting-edge technology? 

Will more mining operations be shut down as a result of diminishing profits, as indicated by the hash price index?

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises

The hash rate is a primary indicator of the overall performance and security of the Bitcoin community. It is calculated primarily based on the average number of hashes per second produced by the network’s miners.

Since the creation of the oldest blockchain, the hash rate has grown exponentially, as shown on the long-term chart of the hash rate’s 30-day moving average. The indicator is currently near 400 Million TH/s and is continuously recording successive all-time highs.

The difficulty of mining Bitcoin rises as the hash rate rises. This indicator’s graph almost exactly matches the hash rate’s, and it has reached an all-time high today.

Hash Price All-Time Low

  • BTC miners are confronted with difficulties due to the mining process’s increasing complexity and the Bitcoin network’s high hash rate. This is because competing for block mining rewards seems to require an increasing amount of resources, energy, equipment, and computing power.
  • Furthermore, due to planned halving, these rewards are reduced by half on average every four years. 6.25 BTC is the current block mining reward. However, it will undergo another halving in the spring of 2024, dropping to 3.125 BTC.
  • Therefore, BTC miners must contend with two unfavorable preferences. With so much competition, a lot of computing power, and a lot of mining blocks, it is getting more and more difficult to compete. However, even a block mining operation now does not guarantee as high earnings as it did in the past.

Will Bitcoin Mining Be Profitable Again?

In a hypothetical scenario of doom for the Bitcoin community, miners may not receive a commission sufficient for their efforts. Due to the tremendous amount of technology that needs to be operated and the high cost of electricity.

As a result, their firms are shut down, and network equipment starts to disappear. The hash rate decreases. Due to the lack of miners, this leads to longer transaction delays and a rise in transaction fees that cannot be continually validated. Blockchain adoption is waning.


But the expert here notes that this is precisely what the Bitcoin system’s concept of self-regulation is for. The mining difficulty, however, adapts to the changing environment and diminishes computer power in just a couple of weeks.

Any miner who has kept up with equipment maintenance and is still active in the network will notice an increase in revenue. Both revenue and hash prices rise.


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