Institutional Sentiment: Ethereum’s Significant Outflow in 2023

Institutional Sentiment: Ethereum's Significant Outflow in 2023
  • Institutional interest in Ethereum takes a significant downturn as large entities offload substantial holdings of the cryptocurrency, according to the latest analysis by CoinShares.
  • Institutional investors have shown a notable lack of enthusiasm for Ethereum in 2023. 
  • CoinShares’ research indicates a staggering $108 Million in sales this year, with the most recent week contributing $4.8 Million in outflows. 
  • James Butterfill, CoinShares’ Head of Research, labels Ethereum as the ‘least loved digital asset’ among exchange-traded product (ETP) investors.

Ethereum’s Competition

Tron, the second-place holder in this context, lags behind Ethereum by more than $50 Million, underscoring Ethereum’s unpopularity among institutional investors.

Ark Invest’s Ethereum ETF Application

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest recently applied for the first Ethereum ETF in the United States. This development may potentially alter Ethereum’s institutional standing, especially in light of its recent shift to an inflationary model and a reduction in on-chain activity.

Persisting Selling Trend

The sentiment surrounding institutional crypto purchases remains negative, with four consecutive weeks of selling reported. This culminated in outflows totaling $59 Million over the past seven days.

Factors Driving Selling Trend

James Butterfill attributes this extensive selling trend to the strength of the U.S. dollar, driven by a prevailing market belief in a ‘soft landing scenario.’ He anticipates a potential shift in this perception as the year progresses, particularly if high interest rates become a reality.

Trading Activity Fluctuations

While previous reports highlighted heightened trading activity, with volumes surging by 90%, recent trading figures have taken a downturn. Daily averages for the past month stood at $2.3 Billion, a notable decrease from the yearly average of $7 Billion.

Bitcoin’s Role in the Scenario

Bitcoin, a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency market, experienced substantial sell-offs last week, amounting to $69 Million. Additionally, Bitcoin short products observed the largest weekly inflows since March, indicating increased bearish sentiment.

Anticipating Future Trends

James Butterfill speculates that investor focus may shift towards the Federal Reserve’s decisions on interest rates in the coming month. Any potential weakness in the dollar could potentially bolster Bitcoin. However, he highlights the possibility of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) exceeding expectations due to surges in gasoline prices.


Ethereum’s recent struggles with institutional sentiment and significant outflows raise questions about its standing in the broader cryptocurrency landscape. Factors like the U.S. dollar’s strength and potential regulatory shifts are pivotal in understanding these market dynamics. As the year unfolds, industry players will closely watch for developments that might sway institutional sentiment and market trends.


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