DeFi Superseding The Despotism Of Centralized Financial System

DeFi Superseding The Despotism Of Centralized Financial System
  • DeFi being helmed as a future of finance is all set to become an enticing option.
  • Cost-effective transactions and a decentralized ecosystem make DeFi a more favorable option.

Upon the downright failure of centralized institutions universally, it is definitive to assert that operating and managing finance without any disobedience or corruption is not a centralized system’s cup of tea. A decentralized system with a paradigm of DeFi (decentralized finance) is looked upon as the fittest and finest alternative to confront the scrutiny of a centralized system consisting of inept decision-makers.

Emergence Of The DeFi system

To resist economic hardship, decentralized finance (DeFi) provides a formidable solution. Poor and unfair policies stimulated by central institutions have hampered the fiat currency growth of many underdeveloped and developing countries, directly affecting their citizens. 

DeFi does not operate under any authority’s umbrella. It has no direct effect on itself from the rains of recession or ill-conceived government policies. It has no dependence on any intermediaries or third parties to advise or, rather, dictate how one needs to manage their finances. They get to be a part of a financial system, which is the essence of democracy. 

In many underdeveloped African regions, democracy has been pounding itself to grow with the push of young, energetic and galvanized youths who are tired of scrutiny from centralized authority. The adoption of DeFi is more likely to come into existence in regions that are slowly coming out of oppression and want to be a part of the financial system, which can empower them with control over their finances.

5 Major Benefits of DeFi 

  • Inexpensive Cross-Border Transaction

DeFi offers cost-effectiveness and simplifies cross-border money transfers. Decentralized Financial facilitates remittance payments cost-effectively and swiftly, resulting in relief from several taxes and other complications of restrictive regulations. 

  • Streamlined Trade and Transactions

DeFi lending and borrowing platforms have entangled this complicated process by making it simple and streamlined. Without any third-party interventions by the bureaucracy or traditional banks, money transfers have become flexible and hassle-free.

  • Trading without Dependency

The authority or kind of sovereign that DeFi facilitates users to handle their own finances empowers them to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without any dependence on large exchanges, which have complete reliance on the government. 

  • Prioritizing Security

Living in a world where phishing and scamming are on the rise in the fiat currency ecosystem, DeFi has come as a sign of relief with its decentralized system safeguarding one’s private key and sensitive credentials. The consensus mechanism used in blockchain technology enables and empowers their finances.

  • Diversification of The Portfolio

By investing in various discrete assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokens, investors can diversify their portfolio, which immunizes them from the downfall of one asset affecting their whole investment. Also, getting rid of adverse policy decisions in the fiat economy helps the investor stay afloat with his portfolio without any extreme repercussions.


Many investors have been hijacked by the extremely bullish and bearish trends occurring in the fiat economy. While cryptocurrency is also not full-proof of risks, the transformation of authority from centralized power to investors’ owns will makes it a favorable option for many.


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