5 classified developments of the USSR: technologies that were carefully hidden from citizens.


Despite the fact that almost 30 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, some interesting details about this country still surface in the media. The so-called Iron Curtain allowed the authorities to hide serious disasters, tragedies, and secret scientific developments from the public for years. In this article we will tell you about some amazing Soviet projects, information about which became known relatively recently.


1 Laser technology

2 Soviet biorobot dog. Collie project

3 Ekranoplan “Caspian Sea Monster”

4 Brain radio of Kazhinsky

5 Cyborg – human and robot

  • Laser technology

In addition to experiments on animals, the USSR actively tried to master laser technologies. One of the most outstanding developments, many years ahead of their time, was the Omega laser cannon. The main task of the vehicle was to destroy enemy aircraft.

During the Soviet-Chinese conflict over the territorial ownership of Damansky Island, the authorities of the USSR used a cannon and, according to eyewitnesses, it literally burned out all the enemy’s equipment to the ground.

  •  Soviet biorobot dog. Collie project

In the second half of the 20th century, active experiments on animals began in the USSR. One of the most outstanding achievements was Vladimir Demikhov’s two-headed dog, which remained alive for a whole month after the operation.

In 1958, the Union authorities attracted the best scientists to create a new perfect biological weapon. The idea of ​​the project was to transplant the heads of the soldiers to the invulnerable body of the robot. They decided to carry out the first experiments on dogs.

Ekranoplan “Caspian Sea Monster”

The arms race forced the USSR to constantly work to create new and more powerful weapons for killing. One of these projects was the construction of the world’s largest ekranoplan rocket carrier “Lun”.

Its dimensions were amazing: a wingspan of 44 meters, 73.8 meters in length and 380 tons of takeoff weight. It is quite natural that such a colossus did not go unnoticed by the Americans, who were able to observe the flight of the missile carrier from space.

Now you can look at this “monster” in Derbent. The missile carrier was placed in the Patriot park this year, whereas earlier it was in the Caspian flotilla.

Kazhinsky Brain Radio

In 1923, scientist Bernard Kazhinsky proposed a scheme for a device that converts brain impulses into sound signals. He believed that the human brain is capable of emitting and receiving radio waves.

The experiments were carried out on the animals of Vladimir Durov’s circus. With the help of the device, Kazhinsky was able to convey the order to the dog to enter the room and take a certain book. However, after the experiment, the test subjects refused to follow the trainer’s commands.

They eliminated Kazhinsky and delegated the project to a group of other scientists. As a result, they managed to create an apparatus that turned an army of thousands of soldiers into obedient robots. However, the manufacture of the car turned out to be too expensive, so the launch of their mass production did not take place.

Cyborg – human and robot

Very little is still known about the project to create cyborgs in the USSR. According to Yuri Vorobyevsky, who was able to watch a training video for closed laboratories, scientists were collecting a robot with titanium joints from the body parts of wounded soldiers.

By sending impulses to certain parts of the brain, they were able to make it move. These studies were probably not very successful because little is known about them now.

The arms race forced the USSR to throw all its efforts into creating incredible murder weapons. Almost all experiments were strictly classified and ordinary people knew nothing about them. It is possible that something similar is happening now, but we will not find out about it as soon as we would like.


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